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  • PUBLISHED on November 25, 2013

The scavenger is the primary actor in Laura St. Pierre’s photographic and installation work. An imagined character of unknown origin, sex, and background, the scavenger is only ever implied by the traces he or she leaves behind. Both the builder and inhabitant of the artist’s haunting, cobbled together constructions, she exists on the outskirts of […]

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  • PUBLISHED on September 10, 2013

I wasn’t completely unfamiliar with the concept of a “bezoar” before I encountered it in the works of Tamara Rusnak (specifically in her installation / sculpture An Ecology of Feeling). It’s a powerful mythic “object” that is presumed to have the ability to cure any manner of ills when ingested. This would require a somewhat […]

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  • PUBLISHED on April 02, 2013

Chances are you know Troy Gronsdahl in one of his various incarnations. You may have seen him perform under his moniker soso, an internationally touring rap artist who has graced the stages of Saskatoon’s Mosofest, Les Transmusicale de Rennes, France, as well as multiple venues in Europe and Japan. Perhaps you’ve browsed the websites of […]

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  • PUBLISHED on November 22, 2012

Keeley Haftner’s practice is diverse and tangential, in a variety of mediums. In a recent conversation, she commented that when she works in printmaking, her focus is more political; when painting, the historical considerations of art history are always in mind; and when sculpting, ideas of waste and the environment, often manifest literally in her […]

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  • PUBLISHED on July 06, 2012

Many of you have no doubt heard of Amalie Atkins, the recent Sobey Award nominee who graced the cover of last Spring’s Canadian Art. But what you may not know is that Amalie is also an active member of AKA Gallery. In fact AKA was the reason for her move to Saskatoon. After finishing her […]

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