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  • PUBLISHED on August 23, 2016

Corinna Morgenstern, 9 years old, Sandra Semchuk, 1976, black and white photographic print, 15cm x 18.5 cm. I really shouldn’t say: an affected archive Guest curated by Cole Thompson September 16 to October 22 The traditional archive rarely succumbs to an emotive state. Archetypal imaginings of these spaces are composed of cold, austere rows of […]

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  • PUBLISHED on June 28, 2016

BAM: Immersive Spaces Cynthia Blanchette, Aralia Maxwell, Andie Palynchuk, Joanna Speed and Dave Stonhouse, with guest artists Alexa Hainsworth, Cameron McKay, Alison Norlen and Colby Richardson. July 2016 Reception: July 21, 2016 7pm For the month of July BAM (Bridges Art Movement), a local Saskatoon artist collective, will be in residence at AKA artist-run. BAM […]

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  • PUBLISHED on March 03, 2016

Join Laura throughout the month of March as she creates an interactive space within the gallery. Laura Hosaluk maintains a studio practice in Saskatoon.  Her creative practice spans from painting, ceramics, found objects, bronze casting and furniture making.  This versatility enabling a variety of expression.  Hosaluk’s work can be found in the permanent collection at […]

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  • PUBLISHED on February 04, 2016

S.A.I. Art Studio Andie Palynchuk February 2016 Throughout the month of February Andie Palynchuk will be working at AKA in the TBA space providing a guided studio space for artistic exploration to individuals with intellectual and/or limited mobility. Through her work with the organization S.A.I. (Saskatchewan Alternative Initiatives) she will be providing an outlet for […]

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  • PUBLISHED on January 05, 2016

  tba Projects Residency David Stonhouse January 2016   Through out the month of January, Saskatoon based artist David Stonhouse will explore his studio practice in AKA’s TBA space, enabling visitors to see the process, experimentation and evolution of his work. Stonhouse’s current research delves into the act and definition of painting. His canvases are […]

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  • PUBLISHED on November 18, 2015

Performance and Artist Talks 1pm Reception November 28th, 1 pm Throughout the month of November, Saskatoon-based artists Gerry Potié and Zoey Pricelys Roy developed their own projects in dialogue with Geronimo Inutiq’s ARCTICNOISE. As a visual artist and educator, Potié is interested in traditions, how they are shared and passed down, and how in turn […]

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  • PUBLISHED on October 15, 2015

Linda Muizniece:  TBA Archives Residency October, 2015 This archival residency started in the Summer of 2015 and has now become a curatorial project. For the past few months I’ve been sorting through materials accumulated over decades of existence of this galley. I’ve separated all of the materials by medium and done some general organizing. As […]

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  • PUBLISHED on August 15, 2015

Apophatic Constructions, TBA Projects Residency Jessica Morgun September 2015 Visit the gallery during the month of September to view Morgun’s project in process. Is it possible for an object to hold a kind of authority on memory, perhaps in its very absence?  This question guides the building of a series of found object constructions and […]

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  • PUBLISHED on January 11, 2015

TBA Projects How Do You Say GoodBye to a Volvo? Barbara Reimer February 09 – February 28, 2015 Meet the artist: February 28, 2pm Barbara Reimer writes: “Working with Clint Neufeld and the 2014/2015 Carfac Mentorship program, I am spending the year documenting my 1978 Volvo in plaster (cast molds) and handmade recycled papers while […]

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  • PUBLISHED on January 06, 2015

Gas Station: Through the commonly available media of bumper stickers and postcards, the gas station is used as a meeting place; an in-between space to locate how each artist’s work sits in relation to ideas of sincerity and farce. Derek Sandbeck’s photographs of gas stations are positioned against David Dyck’s bumper stickers as an intersection […]

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