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Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, À fleurer, 2016

À fleurer
Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay

November 4 to December 3, 2016
Opening Reception Friday November 4, 8pm

À fleurer No. 2: Tuesday, November 8, 12:15-12:30pm
À fleurer No. 3: Tuesday, November 15, 12:15-12:30pm
À fleurer No. 4: Tuesday, November 22, 12:15-12:30pm
À fleurer No. 5: Tuesday, November 29, 12:15-12:30pm

À fleurer takes as its inspiration the legendary correspondence between the French author Colette and her Swiss publisher, Henri-Louis Mermod. Mermod sent Colette weekly floral bouquets, to which the author responded with floral essays, eventually published in 1949 under the title Pour un herbier. Nemerofsky Ramsay reverses the form of this correspondence by sending personal letters to a local florist, who interprets the themes of the writing in floral bouquets. The flowers, and screen-printed multiples of the letters, will be exhibited as an evolving display in the gallery.

À fleurer No. 2 – No. 5 will be performed through live audio stream by Nemerofsky Ramsay at AKA Tuesdays in November at 12:15pm. Join us during your lunch hour. While Nemerofsky Ramsay reads his weekly correspondence from Europe, the screen-printed letter and floral responses will be unveiled. Flowers by Blossoms, screen-prints by Void Gallery.


Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay is an artist, diarist and correspondent. His work in video, sound and text has exhibited internationally and is part of the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Canada, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna and Thielska Galleriet Stockholm.

Curated by Tarin Hughes

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