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  • Jul 27, 2012
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Musician/audio artist Jeffrey Allport (SK) explores sound through composition, installation, performance, and recording, focusing on its comprehensive characteristics. Allport will perform in AKA gallery, amidst his recent collaboration with Kara Uzelman, WARBLERS. He’ll be joined by Gil Arnò (NYC) and Rob Pederson (BC). Pederson has worked in group as well individual sound performances.
 Electronics have been a recent focus, incorporating existing circuits salvaged from tape players and radios and building instruments and preparing speakers for performances. Gill Arnò engages sound and light with notions of memory, presence and time in complex constructions and presentations. Arnò works in improvisation and phonography as in his project mpld, featuring sequences of modified found slides while processing and amplifying the projectors’ mechanical sounds.

The inaugural evening of  Sounds Like…. was on July 26th, 2012, and here’s some images from that evening’s performance. This year’s three evening festival of audio art was a collaborative presentation of AKA Gallery, PAVED arts and Holophon.

Allport and Pederson, Sounds Like…, 2012

Allport, Arno and Pederson, Sounds Like…, 2012

Gil Arno, Sounds Like…, 2012

Allport and Pederson, Sounds Like…, 2012

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