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  • Dec 12, 2012
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It is horrifically cold outside, and some of you may be in or out of town right now, so we at AKA have decided that if you can’t come and check out the AKA Members Show and Sale before the reception and silent auction this Friday, we can bring some of the works, and the information you need, to you.

For ease of looking, they’re all thumbnails: but if you click on them, you’ll see a larger detail. The numbers correspond to those on the images, of course. Some of them don’t have minimum bid information, but that will be coming in over the next week, and don’t hesitate to contact us at for updates.

1. Evgenia Mikhaylova, Minimum Bid (each): $500.00
2. Tod Emel, Audio works titled IAWAI, and Xod, Minimum Bid: $33.00 (per CD)
3. Tammy Lu, Democracy of Objects,Giclée print, Minimum Bid: $400.00
4. Tammy Lu, New Materialism, Giclée print, Minimum Bid: $400.00
5. Tammy Lu, Realistic Magic, Giclée print, Minimum Bid: $400.00
6. Patti Shiplet, Early Evening Light, Mixed Media (light box, black light), Minimum Bid: $1500.00
7. Jason Smith, Chair 2, Welded Steel, Minimum Bid: $300.00
8. Dr. L. F. Frankenstein, Diana Dors, Mixed Media, Minimum Bid: $900.00
9. Bonnie Conly, Tack, Found Steel, Minimum Bid: TBA
10. Karen Polowick, Untitled 1, Untitled 2, Untitled 3, Pencil, Acrylic on Rag Paper, Minimum Bid: TBA
11. Janice Weber, Untitled, Mixed Media, Minimum Bid: $60.00
12. Michel Boutin, The Sentinel, Enamel on Canvas, Minimum Bid: $450.00
13. Keeley Haftner, Snowy Evergreens, Mixed Media on Canvas, NFS
14. Valerie Poulin, Quiet Afternoon Trio (left) and Happy Sun Emma, both Oil on canvas, Minimum Bid: TBA
15. Patti Shiplet, Optical, video, DVDs available for $10.95 each as Minimum Bid.
16. T. J. Atkings, Icon for the Naive, egg tempera on panel, Minimum Bid: $200.00
17. James Hare, Queen of Frost and Fire (left) and Fog Bridge, from the City of the Seahorse Series, Minimum Bid for each : $200.00
18. Bonnie Conly, Lure, Found Metal, Minimum Bid: TBA
19. Alana Unruh, Grandfather’s Pocket Watch (left) and Grandfather’s Pocket Knife, Photolithography on Chine Collé, Minimum Bid on each : $250.00
20. Allysha Larsen, Big Budget Fantasy Film, Sumi ink, water colour and acrylic on paper, (left) and Males’ Multitask, Sumi ink, ink, pastel & acrylic on paper. Minimum Bid on both: $200.00
21. Zoé Fortier, Innu, Acrylic on Canvas, Minimum Bid: $200.00
22. Elizabeth McCorkell, Highland Cattle I, IV, V, silkscreen on rice paper, Minimum Bid (each): $110.00
23. Dee Lowe, Woman with Red, Mixed Media, Minimum Bid: $1600.0
24. Amalie Atkins, Huddle on Dirt Hill, Digital Print, Minimum Bid: TBA
25. Zachari Logan, Sebastian 3, from the Invincibles, Charcoal on Paper, Minimum Bid: $3000.00


1.Evgenia Mikhaylova

2. Tod Emel

3. Tammy Lu

4. Tammy Lu

5. Tammy Lu

6. Patti Shiplett

7. Jason Smith

8. Dr. L.F. Frankenstein

9. Bonnie Conly, Tack

10. Karen Polowich

11. Janice Weber

12. Michel Boutin

13. Keeley Haftner

14. Valerie Poulin

15. Patti Shiplett

16. T.J. Atkings


17. James Hare

18. Bonnie Conly, Lure

19. Alana Unruh

20. Allysha Larsen

21. Zoé Fortier

22. Elizabeth McCorkell

23. Dee Lowe

24. Amalie Atkins

25. Zachari Logan

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