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Myriam Bleau, Soft Revolvers, 2014. (photo: Reilly Forbes)

Sounds Like is an annual audio art festival based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Started in 2011 by AKA artist-run, it quickly expanded to a three-fold partnership between PAVED Arts, a Saskatoon media based artist-run gallery and production centre and Holophon, a non-profit organization that seeks to unite communities using sound as an artistic medium. Each organization contributed to the festival with their own particular expertise. AKA, as Saskatoon’s only non-media specific artist-run, contributes its visual knowledge to consider about sound and its uses in art. PAVED Arts, facilitates the exploration of sound through production to find new ways of making sound. Holophon, with their experience in audio art curation and educational programming, helped to connect artists and audiences with the innovative works being presented.

Together, these organizations have programmed the festival through a combination of invited guests and an international call for submissions. For three days in late July, the galleries at AKA and PAVED arts focus on the exploration of sound and its uses in art. Events include concert performances, audio sculptures and installations, workshops, seminars, artist talks and public interventions.

Sounds Like V 2015 will realize a new iteration of the festival, partnering with Ed Video Media Artist-Run Centre located in Guelph, Ontario. Ed Video’s Curator Scott McGovern will join AKA and PAVED in organizing SL, with Holophon contributing to programming.


Past artists

2014: Myriam Bleau (Montreal, QC), Alexandre Berthier (Quebec City, QC), Lisa Birke (Kitchener, Ontario), Darren Copeland (Toronto, ON), Peter Flemming (Montreal, QC), Ashton Francis (Saskatoon, SK), Shawn Pinchbeck (Edmonton, AB), Scott Smallwood (Edmonton, AB), Ivan Reese (Calgary, AB), Mehta Youngs (Saskatoon, SK)

2013: Adam Basanta, Julian Stein and Max Stein (Montreal, QC), Ken Gregory (Winnipeg, MB), Gary James Joynes (Edmonton, AB), Gary Mentanko (Ireland), Christof Migone (Toronto, ON), Rutger Zuydervelt (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

2012: Gil Arno (NYC), Jeffrey Allport (SK), Rob Pederson (BC)

SL 1 and Curatorial Essay
2011: Joshua Fraser (Calgary, AB), Constantine Katsiris (Vancouver, BC), Lief Hall (Vancouver, BC) and Ellen Moffat (Saskatoon, SK), Alain Lefebvre (Montreal, QC), Jeff Morton (Regina, SK), Erin Sexton (Montreal, QC), VYXSYMS (Jon Vaughn, Will Kaufhold & Mehta Youngs, Saskatoon, SK), Michael Waterman (St. John’s, NL)



Sounds Like presents, promotes, and cultivates experimental practices in audio-based work and the expanded use of audio within all manner of artistic endeavour. Through a diversity of programming, Sounds Like introduces new audiences to art, fosters local audio art practices and provides a forum of exchange for national and international artists engaged in contemporary audio art practices.


Sounds Like is a multi-media exploration of sound, its mutations and possibilities. The festival explores the contemporary audio art practices, critical thinking on sound, and the use of audio elements within art, while working to constantly engage, challenge and expand the discourse that emerges.

Sounds Like Audio Art Festival is made possible through funding from the Canada Council for the Arts as well as the Saskatchewan Arts Board, SaskCulture and SaskLotteries.

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